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Hardly before much time the news was spread of the two Tele Drama actresses in the ‘Mila ‘Tele drama were arrested, for indulging in similar nefarious activities, two more Tele drama actresses acting in Mega Tele drama’s ‘Mila’ and’Sara’have been arrested at two places. Tele drama actress Swarna Ratnayake was arrested in Kaduwela on the 11th, while Kanchana Jayaram, Tele actress had been arrested in the Eheliyagoda area.
Swarna Ratnayake is a 45 year old Tele actress who had involved in prostitution for a sum of Rs 5,000/- who had acted in a number of Tele dramas, like Vasuda,Vidum Mal,Sayure and Nimthera, She had acted in films Isura Soya and Theeratha Yathra.
Kanchana Jayaram had been caught while in the company of a 20 year old Muslim girl in a brothel house. It is reported that a ‘broker’ by the name of ‘Dylucky’ had been the broker finding clients for a sun of Rs 10,000/- Kanchana is an actress who had portrayed roles in ‘Mila’, ’Hiruta Udin’ and ‘Sara’, while she is portraying a role in the new film ‘Sweet Angel’ which is yet to be completed. Both these Tele drama actresses are to be produced before the Kaduwela Magistrate courts.

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