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Fear Psychosis spreads in Kahawatta
It has been reported that a dangerous fear psychosis had spread in Kahawatta town and suburbs close to Ratnapura.The reason is that 7 elderly women in the Kahawatta area had died in a very mysterious manner consequent to head injuries. These injuries had been caused owing to stones being hurled at their heads. It is learnt that the influence of a ‘devil’ like person is behind these incidents.
The Kahawatta town area and its suburbs is a predominantly tea growing area under reputed companies and by tea small holders. The female tea pluckers’ are in fear to get engaged in their work as a person dressed in red had been seen loitering in the Kahawatta area. Several workers had fled on seeing this ‘devil’ like person and in the process one worker had fallen and sustained injuries and had to be treated in a hospital. One woman is also reported to be missing. This dangerous fear is mostly among women and children.
It is also reported that in Kahawatta area the ‘Yakdessa’s’ /’Kattadiyas’ have been forced to be very busy, in calming those affected by fear psychosis. The Police are also making investigations to get to the root of this problem and to find out who exactly was responsible for these killings. A member of the Clergy had been taken in for questioning and later released after interrogation when proved innocent. However another person had been taken in on suspicion for questioning.
Because of this fear residents do not like to leave from their dwelling houses and some even refrain from going for work. Many offices in Kahawatta area have been forced to work with a skeleton staff. Police has made announcements over the public address system and warned everyone not to get alarmed.

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